UCL 2034 commits the University to becoming a global leader in the integration of research and education, underpinning an inspirational student experience. In support of this aim, UCL has recently developed a new Education Strategy for 2016-2021, focusing on three key themes: education through research and enquiry; education through participation; and education through experience.  By prioritising activity under these three headings, UCL will ensure that its students are well-prepared for future career success in a global economy and for a lifetime of intellectual and personal development, including through life learning courses.

UCL has 975 professors – one of the highest number of any university in the UK – and the best academic to student ratio of any UK university (The Times, 2014), enabling small class sizes and outstanding individual support.

UCL is increasingly pursuing exponential growth beyond the boundaries of its physical locations through the exploitation of technology – LectureCast media streaming and online teaching/examinations.  To this end, the IT division is playing an increasingly important role in facilitating such developments as the university executes its various global strategies.

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