Research and Innovation Services

Individually and in collaboration, UCL research and experts develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world. We regard the benefit to humanity arising from the entirety of our work to be research impact.

Individually and in collaboration, UCL experts develop insights relevant to the great challenges facing the world. Society reaps many benefits from their excellent research, some of which occur immediately, while others develop over years or generations. 

The Research and Innovation Services (RIS) division has been set up to integrate research, innovation and enterprise support at UCL.

Led by Claire Glen, Executive Director of Research & Innovation Services, RIS brought together UCL’s Research Contracts and Research Services teams.

As well as sponsored research, the new division also supports innovation and research-related projects. While there are no changes to any current processes or ways of working at this point, over time we envisage that RIS will include the activities and functions of Research Services and Research Contracts, along with new teams for Operational Strategy, Policy & Planning, and Quality & Assurance.

Why setup the Research and Innovation Services Division?

Since June 2019, the Research and Innovation Support Transformer team have been working closely with the Research and Innovation community, the Research Operations Group and the Research Strategy and Implementation Group, to explore the changes to research and innovation support that we think are needed to enable us to sustain and advance our position as a world-leading, research-intensive university.

In June 2020 we agreed on a vision for the future of research and innovation support that “enables excellent research and innovation by providing efficient, effective and flexible advisory and administrative services”. Integrating our services within RIS is key to achieving this vision and is aligned with the needs of researchers, for who research and innovation are often inherently linked or indistinguishable from one another.  

Through RIS we aim to deliver:

  • high quality end-to-end research and innovation support that adds value to the academic mission; 
  • improved compliance with terms and conditions, policies and regulation;
  • and the professionalisation of, and investment in, research and innovation as a discipline and career. 

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